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Our Missions

We aim to provide support to our two missions so they can accomplish their goals to give hope in Jesus Christ in our cities and our world.

Brian and Melissa Chu

We are so honored to partner with B.O.S.S. and Angie West. 

The entire product line is very stylish and most importantly they deliver an important message about Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your support and providing B.O.S.S. products for our mission trips. 

Georgeanna Pinckney, ​CEO/President

BOSS has been an unbelievable supporter for Greater Life of Fayetteville, Inc.

There were areas where BOSS picked up when there was a great need.

We mention it and it is done and not only that, BOSS brings awesome ideas and suggestions

to help move us forward, and seemingly when we think so does BOSS.

This organization has the hand of God all over it.

GLOF thank you from the core of our hearts.

B.O.S.S Impact...

B.O.S.S. has been very supportive of my book publishing career. Because she is Bold, Obedient, And Submitted to the Savior in terms of getting other people saved, she has been able to launch this brand to support and encourage others to be a B.O.S.S. as well. Due to her boldness and obedience, she has been able to contribute to the financial needs I've had to publish my latest book, Penelope B's Great Mission. My book is about a young girl who is traveling the town to find Jesus! Pre-orders have already begun but. the official launch isn't until February 24th, 2018 @ 2 PM. We will be celebrating at 211 Rankin Street here in Fayetteville, NC. Thank you Angie and the entire B.O.S.S. community for making this happen and helping the little ones hear about Jesus!

Peaches Dean Author of Memories of My Mommy

Get To Know Us

Angie West

Ministry Lead

Hello everyone, I am honored and blessed to present you with an opportunity to serve God and others. B.O.S.S was a prayer that began as a question then became a statement, which confirms His word is truth.

My prayer is that you will enjoy the items we provide and wear them proudly. We are not a fashion statement or new craze, we are the body of Christ who live to make Him known. 

Review our (Check it out) section which will advertise and promote Christian Entrepreneurs who strive to serve our world. 

I look forward to serving you, thank you for visiting and come again.

How can we serve you?

You can reach B.O.S.S whenever and wherever you’d like.

Fayetteville, Cumberland County 28306


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